Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twenty Seven Big Ones

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Today, I turn 27.

This year, the number seems older than ever to me.

I realize that readers that are older than me are probably thinking, Oh whatever Katherine! 27 is sooo young, you are a baby!

But then I start to think about all the things that have happened to me in my 27 years, especially in the last few. I ...
  • Went to a great school and graduated after 5 (gloriously fun) years.
  • Lived at home and loved making “friends” with my parents as adults and roomies.
  • Saved up for my first home all by myself.
  • Launched a fun career in digital and social media.
  • Made fantastic new friends, and also had many college friends get married, move, or simply move on.
  • Met a pretty fabulous man ;)
  • Learned how to manage my budget while developing a grown-up wardrobe, decorating my home and staying in touch with loved ones ... well, ok, still working on the "managing" part ha.
I think that with this birthday, more than other recent ones, I feel like an adult. And you know what? I can’t WAIT to see what Year 28 brings. Thank you to everyone for a fantastic year! :)