Monday, February 28, 2011

Color on High

Remember when I was all talk about painting my living room ASAP that fabulous grey-blue color?

I think it's time! The weather is gorgeous enough to keep the sliding door open to vent out the condo while we are in paint-mode, and a few open weekends are approaching, too. Painting an entire room (including primer to cover up the current bright yellow hue) will take a whole day, so I want to make sure I pick a good weekend where I can get help (read: the man and probably a guy friend of his, ha) and they won't feel like they are missing out on the single gorgeous day that week.

I am also contemplating this painting project for the bedroom --

Painted ceilings. What do you think?
Image Source
We have 10-foot ceilings, and I think that a painted ceiling will draw our eyes up even more.
Image Source
It also makes it easier to not compete with the rest of the room's decor, which is already quite color-rich with greens, browns and beige.
Image Source
Plus, how can you go wrong when you pay in beer and pizza? I mean, c'mon guys, that's a serious deal :)

Color update results -- and lots of them -- to come soon!



Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE painted ceilings. all your interior decorating posts are giving me the decorating bug. i've already got my eye on a sofa from mitchell-gold that i think i will put away every dollar i make until i'm 50 for. sigh.

Joslyn Fagan said...

The Beher (sp?) paint with primer in it works really, really well. Our bedroom was a green color and I decided I wanted it painted a yellow color and we bought that stuff and didn't even need a primer at all. It's more expensive, but saves some effort on the painting side.

Unknown said...

Katie- it's definitely addicting to think about decor once you get started, be warned haha.

Jos- thanks for the tip! That is a great brand to keep an eye out for if it saves time, for sure!

Ronnie said...

Hi Katherine,
I found you this morning searching for Ballard's Backroom info. Remember that post you made way back when?!
Well, it seems you've helped me with another problem. I'm closing on a 1907 house in St. Marys, Ga next week and I've had nightmares about how to deal with the weird ceiling moldings. The second picture of this post exactly solves my problem. Paint down to the picture molding, not just the ceiling. I love how this looks! Woo! Thanks for what you do here! I'm heading to Ballard's today. Wish me luck finding a bargain.

Lindsay Chason said...

Because I have the inside scoop I will share it. Home Depot as of THIS WEEK is selling our #1 rated Behr Primer + Paint PREMIUM PLUS brand in a ceiling pant that can be tinted. It's my next project. It's a little pricier than a standard gallon, but the paint rocks. Use it with the green FROG TAPE and your lines will be perfect.

Unknown said...

Ronnie - that is so awesome! Ha re: Ballard's, that is one of my most-clicked posts, I guess I randomly show up high in search results for them or something :) Good luck with your trip, and with your paint job!!

Unknown said...

Chason - oh Miss Depot, you are too funny :) Thanks for the tips though!!