Monday, April 11, 2011

Seaside State of Mind

Atlanta's heat, humidity and distance from water makes it a tough town to live in for a beach-loving girl like me. It's an average 5-hour trip to the nearest body of water (Lake Lanier does not count) and here in town, sometimes the nearest "water" you can find is your neighbor's cousin's sister's apartment's pool.

I may have returned from the Sunshine State, but I know a few ways to keep my seaside style going even if I can't rock the sand-and-sunscreen-filled beach-hair look very easily here indoors.

First things first: update your computer wallpaper to a beachy scene. This can provide happiness while you are still efficiently working. Minimize other open windows a few times a day to give your mind a mini beach-break.

Image Source
Second, don some work-appropriate spring/summer attire. Today, I chose a perky-colored party skirt (LOFT 2009) and a lightweight sweater (Target) over a tank top (Old Navy). Both breezy and business casual. For the men, this could mean lighter-colored shirts, slacks and your boat shoes.

Third, accessorize. I picked up these sandals at Tar-jay last night for something like $12. They are "denim" colored but are actually black denim, making them perfect for work any hot day of the week. Also, I love adding a pop of beachy color to my toes. I painted mine (pre-beach trip) a fun turquoise blue that you can find at Tar-jay that I saw featured in a Marie Claire magazine last year. I can't tell you how many compliments I got on this color while at work. It's just bright enough without being childish or garish.

Fourth, get some actual Vitamin-D. I am all about sitting outside (sans the sweater above) for 15-20 minutes to eat lunch or relax with a coffee. It gives my skin just the right amount of (safe) sun-kissed glow and warms me up from the chilly office temps inside.

How do you get yourself into a beachy state of mind while you are landlocked in metropolis?