Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prep for a Memorable Memorial Day

What are YOU doing over the Memorial Day Weekend?

After being momentarily confused as to why my entire weekend was plan-free (God forbid), I of course jumped into action making "plans." Some are more intensive than others, as you will see:

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Friday night -- Dinner with some lovely ladies over on the Westside (Raise your hand if you have trouble saying that word out loud without pretending you are an early 90's gangsta. Just me? Oops.)

Saturday -- Poolside with margaritas and friends.

Sunday -- Poolside with daiquiris and friends.

Monday -- Poolside with beers and friends. Oh, and BBQ on the grill.

Gosh, what a tough life. Looks like my "plans" are really going to wear me out. Perhaps I should scale things back?



The Mailman said...

Friday-Monday: Sitting on the beach with (insert drink here) and (insert people here)

Unknown said...

Well aren't you just too cool for school. I hear your trip down to said beach wasn't as stress-free with all that horrid weather travel. Hope the rest was fun!!