Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For the Boys, Part III - The Finale

As a wrap-up to my For the Men mini-series, there were some loose ends to tie up beyond the bar and dating scene. Like, what are their go-to places for clothes? What about where they get their hair cut? Seemingly simple things for us ladies to consider, but for guys, the options are much more limited. So, here we go!

"The All-Atlanta Post By the Men, For the Men." Part III

Men's Style

Unless a guy is a hardcore fan of the local $5 barber or the no-name dry cleaner, he likely has some favorite places around town he frequents for all of his personal style needs. Here were a few options that stood out:
Image via American Haircuts
  • Buckhead Alterations
  • Oxxo - this new-age Dry Cleaner in Buckhead offers 24-hour pickup service using a provided member card and a machine that brings your clothes to the window! 
  • American Haircuts - with two locations in the metro area, this place is a top-runner for many of the men surveyed. On top of the haircut, they do a hot shave if you make an appointment. Biggest win? They'll give you free liquor while you're there. 
  • Rooster's on Power's Ferry - similar perks to American, plus shoe shines, waxes and manicures for the guys if they are daring :)
  • No one store in particular, but in general, the consignment shops in Little Five Points have great options for inexpensive, retro-style ties and blazers.
Did you know there are at least five high-end menswear retailers and tailors in the immediate Northside area? I definitely did not, but checking out this post from Wedding Soiree makes me want to be a man for a day and stop by to shop. How swank!

Other Fun Things To Do as a Guy Around Town 

Other than hitting the pool, the golf course or the local brewery, what do guys like to do on the weekends here in Atlanta?
Image via German Bierfest

Last Thoughts From the Men and Me

The guys that helped me out on this "survey" suggested it would be interesting to extend this whole thing back to the girls to get the same insights. While it'd be fun for us gals to get some new recommendations of favorite places to go and events to attend, the men out there are particularly interested in knowing what WE want, too! How have our dating and social scenes changed within the 5-10 years out of college? What things do we look for while cruising the town with our girls? 

Great idea, guys! I can't wait to bring this back this summer as a Girls Edition for your reading pleasure :)

Many, many thanks to the participants of my informal survey! I appreciate your help and feedback. You guys rock!



Sandy said...

Hi Miss Buckhead Betty! As a gal who happens to be dating/friends with/ and a season ticket holder to the Tech circle I'd love to participate in a gals survey! Similar to the guys but including those fun wine crawls! (beer fests are great, but so is trolling Vinings with your favorite glass of white! lol)

Rob Fine said...

Wow, I didn't realize record shops existed anymore. I guess if anywhere in Atlanta would have them, it would be Little Five. I love shopping there.

I've always wanted to go to a monster truck rally. What's the giant godzilla-like truck they have? I hear the Nuclear Cowboys are pretty cool too.

I have a couple bands that I always want to see, but seems like they only come through during Vans Warped Tours, i.e. Sum41. I might eventually make it out to the tour one day. In general, I try to avoid large line-ups and stick to my favorite band's own concerts so that they get to do all the lighting effects and other fun stuff during the show.

A couple of other things my friends and I enjoy are
Warrior Dash,
Live Band Karaoke at 10 high,
Whiskey Blue at W Buckhead,
Buckhead Fork and Screen,
DragonCon (no need to buy a ticket, just go hang out in the hotel lobbies and parties)

Unknown said...

Sandy - you are SO RIGHT about the wine crawl! What a lovely way to spend a summer evening :)

Unknown said...

Rob - clutch addition with Warrior Dash and 10high Karaoke! I love DragonCon in downtown, too. When I used to work down there, I made sure to always go to work that Friday of Labor Day to people-watch :)