Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sponge Life

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If you didn't already have the pleasure (ha) of knowing this about me, I am an emotional sponge. On any one day, I skip around all types of feelings, so ironically portrayed by Mr. Spongebob himself in this graphic :)

There's no doubting that I am thankful for this gut-feeling it gives me. I can just feel it when a friend next to me needs or wants a hug. If people are happy and giddy, I am near extreme levels of cheery; birthdays and surprises for other people nearly sweep me off my feet. I think I've told you how my brother compares the situation - he will walk away from a conversation and know all the facts of what was said; I will walk away (he says) and talk about all the other things I noticed - The vibe. How someone was looking at another person. The slight change in intonation in a voice. I pick up on it all. The good. And the bad.

A negative vibe in a room can affect me even if I walk in with a completely different state of mind. I can bounce from the highest high to the lowest low, far away from my naturally cheerful demeanor. I literally soak up everyone's emotions and take them on as my own. I want to help solve all the problems, make pains go away and cheer everyone up.

No one person can solve everything or change the course of destiny, though, and so for us emotional sponges, sometimes it's all you can do to just share in others' suffering, joys or thrills, whatever the situation. This past week, it's been a bit of the former, but hopefully in days and weeks to come, I can partake in more of the latter two :)

Are you an emotional sponge? What things ramp your feelings and emotions up and down? 

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster. Local events have hit far too close to home, and friends and loved ones have been suffering. My thoughts and prayers have been with them all constantly. I can't even begin to sum up my feelings about everything here. Please think and pray hard for them all, too. XOXO



Unknown said...

I feel you on this 100%. Working in HR is like an emotional roller coaster. Someone comes in screaming and raging and I take on their anger and feel responsibility for it. Someone comes in with a smile on their face and in a sunshiney mood and it totally brightens my day. I really do think this is one of my/our best qualities as people though - we are empathetic and able to make those around us feel comfortable and like they can count on us and trust us. So while sometimes it sucks to be in these roller coaster shoes of mine, I really wouldn't trade it!

Jana A said...

Uh, yes, we need to have drinks. I'm an emotional sponge... empathic is a bigger better word for it. Borders on psychic. Jason will roll his eyes at you if you ask him about it. This week has sucked me dry, I can only imagine in the office...

Unknown said...

Katie - YES! Agreed. So glad to hear I am not alone in this one.

Jana - yes, def, I can't wait. These past few weeks have been rough for us all, def time for a drink with a friend.