Monday, October 24, 2011

A Fall Shoe State of Mind

Here and there, I have been known to go on a bit of a shoe binge. I usually can hold off as the cool weather approaches and then go crazy at the day-after-Thanksgiving shoe sale. This year, however, our travel plans will have me out of town until much later that day, so something in me clicked over the past few weeks. It was time to go get some new shoes!

My old black flats were some of the first to go. I had gotten them from H&M seasons ago, and literally was wearing holes into the bottoms. Luckily for me, a Nine West online sale scored me these gorgeous beauties for around $50:

They are some of the most comfortable flats I have owned - they are padded in the insole, and bend easily as I walk. I can't wait to wear these with colored tights in the winter.

I also had been searching for a pair of leopard- or animal-print flats this season. I wanted to bring a certain Polyvore-met-Pinterest outfit to life (more on that this week!) Searches at some department stores proved way too costly, so I held off. That was a smart move, because look what I found at Tar-jay for just around $20!

I love these so much! I paired them with my skinny jeans (aka jeggings) from Target, a black turtleneck and a long gold chain necklace from H&M for an easy and chic Friday outfit.

Sure, two pairs might have been enough. But my other old Fall shoes are looking just so sad! A pair of nice driving moccasins were just what I needed, I decided. Even better, I wanted to go for a fun off-color that could "make" any outfit pop. Orange driving mocs from Lands' End, come to the rescue!

But I have saved the very best for last. The previous three shoes were more or less "needs" (or so I justified) and didn't cost me too much money - just around $100 for all three pairs. Remember how I said sometimes I binge? Sometimes, I just need to splurge, and these slightly-more-expensive amazing boots from Nine West (albeit on a 25% off sale) fit the bill.

LOVE. These moss green-suede and soft brown leather booties look fantastic with skinny jeans or leggings, and I can work them with some tights and a skirt outfit, too. Either way, you better believe I will, because these are the shoes that outfits are really made of :)

What's a recent shoe binge of your own? Were they a steal, or a splurge? Any pictures posted you can share??