Thursday, November 3, 2011

Polyvore, Meet Pinterest, Meet Me

You may have seen my Shop Style boards on here before. A popular spot to create fashion mood boards, Shop Style is akin to the other popular Polyvore site. Both are favorites of the fashion-crazed and budget-conscious, allowing people to put together outfits full of designer tags and then search out the looks in real life on a dime.

Then, there was Pinterest, the online pinboard meant for images of food, decor and yep, fashion. It's no wonder that the images from those other sites have made their way onto Pinterest. People are making design boards of their own on those sites, and then pinning them to Pinterest, which is an even bigger pinboard (blowing your mind, I know). And it's also no wonder that I can't help but peruse all of the above and bookmark my own favs :)

Like this one. I love the simple jeans and sweater look jazzed up with some sparkle, color and rar-print. The only thing missing from my wardrobe, though, were those awesome flats! Luckily, I found that pair on the cheap at my fav Tar-jay, so all that was left was to recreate the outfit in the real world:

What do you think? Fashion YAY or fashion NAY?