Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fifth :)

How was your Fourth of July, everyone?

Wow, that one day off was really just not enough, was it? Today, my body is sore (seriously, Katherine, train a bit more next year in advance of that run) and I am tired after staying up post-fireworks. But it was all worth it! The finale of the fireworks show at Lenox Square was the best we've seen in years, and now it's just two days until the weekend and relaxation are here!

We had a fabulous day with our friends and were so happy to play host and hostess :)

Lastly, a big oversight from me the other day on my pre-race post. I completely failed to share kudos to the ladies that actually make our tailgating party possible! A big shout to Michelle and my mom for staking out the corner spot each year, and hooray for Michelle for the post-race Bloodies! Can't have the after-party without those!! XOXO thanks for another great year :)