Monday, July 22, 2013

Happiness and Hellos

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Days have been whizzing past recently. I have been settling into newlywed life with lots of joy and lots of fun. Social life is great, work life is great, our home is looking great ...  and in all honesty, the only elements not pretty pulled together right now have been my workout life and my blogging life :) 

I have been trying to live out every moment of every day in the recent few weeks. Saying "sure" when sometimes I might have said "maybe," and trying to do things now instead of later. When happiness abounds, you should live it up, right? Sometimes, you have to let go of the schedules and the lists, and just relax and be in the moment. From leisurely mornings with the paper and a cup of chai to impromptu weekends spent with friends, I have been trying to be that girl that I've always wanted to be -- the Yes Girl.

That said, I have missed blogging (running, not so much, but that's a whole other story!). While I haven't been posting a lot, I think it is just a small side effect of what is starting a new transition in my life. I am heading towards the big 3-0 later this year, full steam ahead, and I am realizing a lot of time has gone past without me ever doing the things I've told myself I would.

Some bloggers wrote fun July 1 posts in honor of the six-month mark after New Year's. Resolutions abound in January, but how often do you take a reality check once a few months have gone past? I decided to make a Resolution List of my own, but this one centered around closing out my 20's with as much happiness as possible. Enter, my Happiness List.

My 2013 Happiness List 

* Host dinner parties at least once a month. We love hosting, and even more so now that we are all grown up with matching plates and serving platters :) Whether one friend or many, this is on our radar for the months coming up, busy football season and all. Now the goal is to get the invites out and dates on the calendar.

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* Scrapbook a little more. My Post-College scrapbook, all well and good pre-wedding, immediately got pushed under the bed as soon as wedding planning started. I am about 70% done. Better get that one wrapped up so I can start in on my Wedding Memories one!

* Unplug and read a book at bedtime. Right now, it's my fav Pat Conroy. Then I need to head to the library to pick out the next one!

* Really hug people. They are just so restorative! A good bear hug goes a long way.

* Sit by the pool. No explanation needed here!

* Do nothing for a weekend. So far, I am at a pretty high success rate for this. It's amazing how much more zen I feel when I get back to work on a Monday following a quiet weekend :)

* Sit on our patio. We have a very lovely porch. Why do I not sit out there more?! That cup of chai or glass of wine would be just as nice outside. 

If you had to pick one or two things, what would be on your Happiness List? Are you trying to live life to the fullest, too, or is life flying past you each day? It's crazy how fast time can go by when you aren't paying attention. How can you slow things down in your world?


Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Welcome back to blogging! It's nice to take a break sometimes and focus on the important things in life :) My Happiness List would include (1) Read a book before bed and (2) Host more dinner parties/get togethers with friends.