Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Business Travel!

This overnight trip I am on right now is NOWHERE near the life of a consultant. Props to you all. I do not know how you do it from a personal standpoint (think: health, lifestyle).

First, there's the eating-out. At home when I eat out, I like to plan what I might have ahead of time, so that I can think about how much carb goodness I might want to blow in one night on pasta, or if I am feeling healthy and might want that fresh salad.

On the road? I just ate half a buffalo chicken sandwich with some fries from the hotel restaurant. Road - 1, Katherine - 0. Well, maybe .5, I at least only ate half of the meal. On my bed. Alone. Watching TV. Ok, nevermind. Zero to K. Sigh.

Then there's the working out and general up-keep of healthiness. For the past few months, I have forfeited outright, and have just let it slip while I am gone. But tonight, nay! I brought my workout clothes and hit the gym for a jog. That brings the score to Road - 1, Katherine - 1. Go me!

But lastly is the fact that when you are traveling, it gets quiet at the end of the day. And sometimes I want to talk about mindless things like boys and SATC. The social nights with girls must be saved for another time. Curses, Road - 2, Katherine - 1.

But that fight is not over. I am blogging for my friends (you, reader!), reading my RSS feeds, and having a nice little evening to myself here. I even caught a bit of the new SVU. So I guess it can be an even 2-2 in the end, if you ask me :)


Matt Duke said...

How much you enjoy the road depends on who you are with and how motivated you are to make the best of it. Personally, I love life on the road and am trying to see how long I can continue this lifestyle once the end of next year hits and all of the RDCs are open. The team I work with is awesome though and we all hang out after work for dinner or a few drinks most nights. The eating right and working out thing is very hard, I haven't quite mastered that yet (hence the weight I have gained since February) but it is possible and I do it for a while once I get on a normal schedule in a city only for it to end when I move to the next location for the first few weeks.

Take full advantage of the few trips you do take but be happy that you go home after a day or two. It is a complete change of lifestyle to do it 100%, but once you accept and embrace it I think it is awesome.

Chelsea said...

Penelope Trunk did a great post recently on this -

I think it's really hard to get the balance when you are traveling all the time, but it always helps to get a few tips:)

Unknown said...

Thanks to Matt and Chelsea for the tips!! :) I love traveling and getting to see new places, and I've gotten to hang out with some great coworkers in all those places too. But I know me, and I know that I am personally happiest when I am eating well and working out, so I have to find time to fit that in, too. Sure enough, I felt great the other night when I got to workout, even if my dinner wasn't the best choice :) Thanks for commenting, friends!