Friday, April 29, 2011

#Winning at the Wedding

I am a girl. That pretty much means there was a 95% chance I was waking up today to watch the big wedding over across the pond. Those other 5%? They A) have a job that required them to be away from the TV and will likely be watching replays later or B) apparently don't care about weddings or fashion or love or worldly events or history in the making or even just smiling at cute little girls flouncing around in flower girl outfits. Ba-humbug to them.

Since actual news of the wedding is all over the universe today, I'd like to take the two seconds to point out my favorite feature of it all. The dress.

Again, I am a girl. Of course I was watching for the dress. Guys, suck it up for a second while I make my point.

Full on lace bodice, a nice little bustle and big train running behind. Yes, yes and YES. LOVE IT.

Even more so, I have been loving on this style for years now. The strapless trend, while predominant for most brides these days, has never been my thing. I have seen a lot of gorgeous strapless dresses, don't get me wrong. But maybe it's my Catholic background (cover those shoulders in church, ack!) or my affinity to the 1950-1960's trends, but I have always loved dresses that look like this instead:

Grace doing it up big and setting the trend. Image found here.

And so when Ms. Nicole Richie chose a Grace Kelly-inspired dress last year and added her own rocker-chick edge with the poofy bottom and dark eye makeup, I swooned.

So go you, Duchess/Princess Catherine. Rock that lace! We non-strapless-gown lovers are oh so proud :)

Image found here

PS. Read why they are calling her a Duchess and not a Princess here.