Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hemming and Hawing Over ... Hems

Since it's hotter than all-out here right now, we working gals are wearing some pretty innovative ensembles. Layers upon layers to battle the cold A/C at our desks cover up the light and summery items underneath to peel down to as we hit the road home. And all the while, we are trying to make the most of our wardrobes without having to spend money on new items; mixing and matching is key.

In an attempt to change up my everyday attire a bit earlier this week, I paired a dark jean pencil skirt with a gray sleeveless tank and a black fitted vest (and leopard print heels, rar!) to go slightly rocker-professional-chick for the day. A spare black wrap kept my arms warm at the office. The heat index hit 103 that day, and I was comfortable enough to go after work for drinks without feeling like I needed to change into lighter attire.

At my petite height, I have to be really careful with the length of skirts. Too short and it's not work-appropriate, but too long and my legs look shorter than they actually are. Pencil skirts that hit right above my knee are typically the most flattering, and they can go from season to season with the addition of some tights and layers on top to balance things out. I think pencil skirts will always be one of the most classic styles around for us ladies.

Earlier this week, the front page of the WSJ fashion section screamed out the exact opposite though - midi-length hemlines are the "next big thing" in women's fashion. Wait, what?

Lo looking very 60's and Mad Men last Fall when the midi style was already showing up on the red carpet.

The midi-length falls just below the knee, and is known for being more concealing while also more feminine. The whole "less is more" concept "leaves a lot to the imagination," according to the article. Of course, the Victoria's Secret models make the midi style look really fabulous in that very manner:

Victoria's Secret midi-length. This is in no way work-appropriate, btw.

But then in real life, I worry that we normally-proportioned ladies will just end up looking more cut-off, resulting in an almost chunky appearance:

My observation: flats and this style do NOT go well together. Source: Nordstrom
Yes, the midi style pulls heavily from the styles of the 1950s and 60s, some of my fav style generations, but that doesn't mean I am jumping on the bandwagon just yet. I know plenty of fab fashion a la Mad Men that was knee-length and still gives off the professional, feminine and yes, attractive appeal:

Ladies, what do you think? Is the midi a go or no go? You know my vote, but I'd like to hear yours :)



meghan said...

I just don't think the midi is as flattering as the knee length. It looks good on Lo and the model, but I just know where it would fall on me and I think it would just look like I didn't get it hemmed correctly. But I can see how it would look good on the right person.

Unknown said...

us taller folks can probably pull it off better, but i can't imagine it being particularly flattering on anyone who is curvier or sensitive about their figure!

Unknown said...

Meghan and Katie - totally agree! :) Esp the hemmed correctly part ha!