Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nice Little Saturdays Ahead

I stayed home from work today, plagued by a migraine. Migraines are the worst. My mind is working in overtime because I am just sitting or lying around, but my head hurts too much to actually do anything! Thankfully, Excedrin Migraine plus a ton of caffeine has helped, and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel (without wincing from the glare).

But after spending the day at home, plus many more relaxing ones spent here this past weekend, my mind has been running fast thinking about all the things I want to get done in upcoming weeks. My creativity is calling, as is the need for checking off a list, and springtime is the perfect season to run through those items. The weekends are quiet, the money is coming back in post-holiday and we all want to avoid the winter blahs. This spring is THE TIME for that to-do list to just get done, already!

#1 - COLOR
This spring, we have decided to forgo an actual vacation in lieu of taking care of our house to-do list. A trip to the snow-capped mountains would be nice, but what would be more enjoyable for a much longer time would be a PAINTED CONDO. I am placing a call in to our painter this week to schedule it. That's right - the gray-blue living room, painted kitchen and maybe even a gray/other color bedroom ceiling are all immediately in the future! I am so pumped. It's about time, after all... PLUS we can spend a few of our vacay days "off" enjoying our "new home" in the end, too.

Recent guests to the home have probably noticed the paintings propped up against walls, or frames still in their boxes. Whichever room you are in, this condo has a lot of empty walls begging for pizazz. Post-paint, we will be renting a hammer drill (a must for concrete walls) and making that gallery wall and other artful visions I have become a reality. With just two weekends' worth of time for these projects, this whole place will look like a whole new home. I am so excited.

The scrapbook is underway, my friends! I have all of the items lined up in pages, and now all I have to do is continue to put aside a night or two a week to spend pasting, stickering and labeling the past five years of my life. What a cinch, right? Ha. 

Oysterfest is upon us! I can't wait to co-host another successful pre-Oysterfest Brunch with all of our friends. Stay tuned for the invite, y'all :)

What's on your immediate To-Do list for your upcoming weekends? 



Jana A (@jana0926) said...

Oh Oysterfest. I think I'll be passing on it this year. The ER Trip last year did me in for a while I think.

Unknown said...

Oh my! I had no idea that happened. Was it from the food? I have been going for years and never have had an issue :/