Sunday, February 19, 2012

Honor Thy Presidents ... and Shop

Fun fact...did you know that President's Day Weekend is the 2nd best holiday of the year to snag discounts (even better than Black Friday/Cyber Monday)? 

In case you are a shopping addict (Hi, my name is Katherine...) like me, there is a lot to look forward to through tomorrow's holiday, if you haven't already started shopping (again, Hi, my name is Katherine....).

First up, be sure to check over on the Crate and Barrel website for their President's Day Outlet Sale. I just snagged a few holiday items on deep, deep discount. This is my favorite time of year to pick up holiday items. Next Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween, I am going to be so excited to pull out those new-to-me things, especially knowing I spent some tiny fraction of the real cost :)

For example, I just found this fab holiday plaid (and round - why are these so hard to find?!) tablecloth that I can't wait to pack away for 2012. $25 instead of $70? Yes, please!

And since I am one of their Official Trendsetters, I also want to let you know that Shop It To Me will be sending special edition Salemails this weekend, too. Keep an eye on your inbox or log on to Shop It To Me Search to get in on the action. They will be sharing savings and discount codes from 150+ retailers (including Bloomies, J. Crew, Tory Burch and more), filtered to your brands and sizes.

Click this guy for a fun, Presidential .gif show :)

Wherever you shop online this weekend, be sure to use Ebates for FREE (yes, FREE) money back on whatever you buy. I am about to get back my second "big, fat check," as they call it, back from Ebates, and all just for shopping for things I otherwise would have bought anyways (think: wedding gifts, sale items, Friday morning "I Need This" shoe shopping ...).

Click here to sign up (and give me a little bonus in the process!).

'Tis the season for sales! Happy Shopping!