Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OOTD: Virtual Girls Night

Girls and their clothes. It never gets old creating outfits and having fun dressing up! It's well known that girls don't dress for boys, either -- they dress for other girls!

Tonight, I had one of two Girl's Nights scheduled for the week, this one with a dear friend from college. Meet Lindsay, my partner in crime from our six-week Madrid study abroad program.

Side note: Oh Fanta from Spain, you are so much better than Fanta here in the States. Why can't they replicate that recipe here?! 

Lindsay and I spent a lot of time "studying" in Spain way back then ... at the bar across the street from our dorm. With "Bluuuudy Maryssss" as the bartender called them. Don't be fooled -- we went to our fair share of classes and local business visits as part of our program. But we also ran into some famous people while out on the town at nights:

Oh hi, Ice-T! Or "Mr. Ice-T Sir" as we addressed him, ha!
Lindsay is a blast, so I never pass up the chance to hang out with this old friend! I made sure to put on a nice outfit this morning in honor of the occasion, and you know, maybe blow out my hair rather than wear it dirty ;)

Dress: Target, Blazer: LOFT, Shoes: Nine West, Belt: JCrew

I also threw on some fun earrings, just for the occasion.

Earrings: Stella and Dot

Sadly, my friend has had a crazy day come up at work, so we have to postpone our evening. Now we are both sitting here in cute outfits today, with nowhere special to go tonight.

Doesn't this card just sum it up perfectly? :)

So instead, we took shots of our outfits and texted them to each other and had a virtual mini "date" at work, ha! I am loving Lindsay's ring. And her manicure - check this out!

Lesson learned: don't let a "wasted" outfit day get you down! Even if you can't publicly post about your outfits like me (ha!), share them with friends or snap a shot and recreate the look later. It'll be just as good the second time around. And virtually is better than not at all!

Have you "wasted" an outfit recently?

And to Lindsay: Can't wait to see you next week instead!!