Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Few of MY Fav Things

On a dark and dreary night earlier this week, I sat down with my TiVo and flipped on back episodes of Oprah yet to be watched. Nothing could have cheered up that night more than the episodes of Oprah’s Favorite Things that I ended up watching. Both episodes (she is going all out for her last season!) had me cackling harder than any sitcom would, and I couldn’t help but get extremely overwhelmed with happiness for the lucky audience members taking home many, many thousands of dollars’ worth of fantastic swag. She may have been semi-joking having paramedics on staff backstage, but with the level of my own excitement at home watching it all happen, I can only imagine the chaos there live! When she debuted the cruise package, I couldn’t help but channel the words of my Grandma – Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

While Oprah, of course, picked out her own favorite things to share with those women (and men – they are the best on those episodes, because they scream like little girls too!), it got me thinking about my own favorite things that I would love to give out to everyone if I could...

Martha Stewart knife collection – a great and affordable knife set, this block, found at Macy’s (image credit), is perfect for all of us young newbie home cooks. She has included a wide variety of knives, including my favorite, the utilitarian Santoku knife. I love this knife set! 

Thirty One lunch totes – I am so over the lame lunchboxes that look like you are five years old. Get one with flair! See a more detailed write-up from me here.
Statement jewelry – Most days, you will find me with (faux) diamond studs in, but other days, I like to break out the fun dangly handmade earrings. Or I might step it up with a fantastic necklace. Those are the days when everyone compliments my outfit, because jewelry has a way of making any basic outfit into something extraordinary. It doesn’t have to be pricey, either. Look for great pieces at local arts fairs, or on discount racks at place like Kohl’s, Stein Mart, or even Target.

Yankee Candles – these are killer at spreading pleasant aromas of the season around your home with a single jar, and last way longer than cheap knock-off candles. Look for them on sale, because otherwise they are pricey. I hear Marshall’s is a good spot to pick them up on the cheap. Perfect for hostess gifts! PS. The Spiced Pumpkin is my favorite!! :P
Image Credit here.

Personal assistant for a day – This is more of a dream for me than a reality, and I can only imagine that new and young moms would love this even more. Imagine not having to deal with going to the post office, the grocery store or even the dry cleaners on your way home from work. Even better, think of not having to deal with calling about a repair man, or prepping your house for guests. Score. The Atlanta Assistant and Uniquely Coordinated are two that look fab locally, though I am sure there are others!

As Oprah pointed out, it’s not about the products themselves, but rather about the sheer joy of giving things that are unexpected, fun and perfect for the recipient. I am keeping this in mind as I finish up the last of my holiday shopping, especially whenever I might get bogged down by the stress of the season.

Happy Holiday Shopping!


Note: this Favorite Things list is completely made up on my own, and none of these companies even know I exist haha.


Uniquely Coordinated said...

Hello Betty!

Thank you for the mention of our services in your blog. Hope you have a very Happy Holiday.


Lakisha Melvin
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